Maker Division

Maker Division With our motto, "Better quality health care products, anywhere they can be found", we endeavor on a daily basis in our mission to "AID" people at our "BEST". The company color of purple indicates honorableness of heart.
Our company logo of a hummingbird derives from a famous South American folk tale. One day, a sudden forest fire breakout, forcing most of the animals to free. But hummingbirds bravely shuttle between the fire and a nearby lake. Their little beaks filled with water. Off course, their efforts had little effort, but they just did what they could at their best. They spared no effort in what they could do by themselves. This is the origin of our company logo, a hummingbird.
We consider ourselves specialists in getting what you need, wherever we can find it. Looking at the patient's point of view, and by asking ourselves, "What are safety and benefit for healthcare professionals?" we scour the glove in search of new products, the hummingbird personified. We will keep working intently, as long as there are people who can take back their shinning smile because of any products to which are introduced by us, as a hummingbird personified. As always, we appreciate your continuing support and understanding for our activities.





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