Privacy Policy

 “Personal Information” described on this page is the same as that defined in Clause 1,
Article 2 of the Personal Information Protection Law.


■Personal Information Protection Policy  

We claim implementation of appropriate handling and protection of all personal information provided in the course of our business in compliance with the following personal information protection policy.


  1.When asking for your personal information, we manifest the purpose of use, ensure that it is provided
in a legal and proper manner, and handle it in accordance with the purpose of use.
  2.We do not use personal information for purposes other than those intended, unless the information provider consents.
  3.We do not provide or disclose personal information to third parties without permission from the information provider or the terms of law and legal equivalents.
  4.We will develop and improve our system of measures against unauthorized access, restriction of access rights, and safety control to prevent loss, damage, falsification, and external disclosure of personal information.
  5.When customers express a desire for revision, deletion, or suspension of use of personal information, we immediately respond to the most reasonable extent after verifying identity.

■Purpose of using personal information

We use acquired information that we need in production, distribution, leasing, and repair for the following purposes.



1.Purpose of using personal information about doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses,

  and other medical workers.

      ・Provision and gathering of information about the proper use of medical equipment
  ・Provision, gathering, and transmission of information about the quality, safety,
      and effectiveness of medical equipment
  ・Research and study in the areas of medicine and medical equipment
  ・Provision, gathering, and transmission of medical and academic information
  ・Contact in case of medical accidents and recalls
  ・Request and implementation of clinical trials, post-marketing surveillance studies, etc.
  ・Notification or reporting to the government and other public offices
  ・Response to various inquiries and requests for information materials
  2.Purpose of using personal information about clients
      ・Provision, gathering, and conveying of information and distribution of materials regarding                     sales activities
  ・Response, examination, and research of inquiries, complaints, and contacts about our products
  ・Administration of the products ordering management system
  ・Provision, gathering, and conveying of information regarding resources and purchases
  ・Implementation of other business operations equivalent to the above-described or related
  3.Purpose of using personal information about employment applicants
      ・Deliberation and decision on hiring
  ・Response to various inquiries and requests for information materials
  4.Purpose of using information about employees
      ・Management of assignments, payment of salaries, human resources, evaluations,
       skill development, welfare, safety controls, etc
  ・Contacting or communication with the health insurance association and related companies
  ・Notification, reporting, and contacting in accordance with related regulations


■Revision of the Privacy Policy

When we revise this policy, we will do so as appropriate by posting notification of the revision on this site. It is assumed that you agree with a revised policy when you access or browse a revised site, as a revised policy will become effective at the time of notification. We therefore recommend that you regularly refer to this page when you visit this site, especially when you provide or revise personal information. This policy was revised on January 1, 2012.




If you have a question regarding our privacy policy, please contact us as follows.
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